Why Not Spend A Night In The Backyard This Weekend!


Regardless of your age or camping experience, it’s not too late to register to CampOut for Cancer and spend a night under the stars in your backyard during this unusually warm weather! Ditch the screens and bond with your loved ones over board games, camp songs and camp-inspired food. And if you’re feeling it, up your game and host your #BackyardCampOut with a theme everyone will have fun with!

Here’s a list of things to think about to get the ball rolling:

  • Tent or build more of a fort tent with sheets
  • A tarp, rope and some bungee cords could also come in handy
  • Air mattress or padding
  • Pillows, sleeping bag or blankets of course!
  • A light source: think old school lantern or flashlights
  • Camp chairs
  • And then the activities: Is it bocce, board games, or a book about the constellations?

Your #BackyardCampOut can be easy and memorable. Most importantly, it will help send kids and their families to camp so they can heal from the trauma of cancer.

Thanks for reading!


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