CampOut for Cancer

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We believe in the power of camp

...Its power to heal, to unite, to restore and to transform.

CampOut for Cancer is a fundraising initiative which helps sends kids with cancer and their families to Camp Trillium.
Sign up for CampOut for Cancer and set your fundraising goal. Recruit your friends and family to join you on your CampOut adventure.
We believe in the power of camp. That is why we are supporting Camp Trillium in its mission to support families who have been affected by childhood cancer.

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CampOut Ambassadors

Ambassadors help us share Camp Trillium's story and reach out to new audiences. If you would like to be an Ambassador for CampOut for Cancer, please send us an email at

ChefD, CampOut Ambassador, 2017-present

All about Camp Trillium

Camp Trillium

Camp Trillium is committed to providing meaningful, fun and enriching camping experiences to families impacted by childhood cancer. We are a home away from home, a place where families can come to relax, to share, to have fun and to forget about cancer, even if just for a little while.

Camper Stories

Meet #irongabe and the Crimeli Family
Meet #irongabe and the Crimeli Family

Why CampOut for Cancer?

We are camping out for cancer to help bring awareness to how much value camp plays in the lives of children and families affected with cancer. We didn’t realize what impact Camp Trillium had on families until we recently became part of it all. (more…)

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Camper Story – Ashlynne
Camper Story – Ashlynne

My name is Ashlynne. I am a strong healthy 11 year old but I am also a cancer survivor.  I was diagnosed with Wilms Tumour when I was only 4 ½ years old. I had a major surgery to remove my left kidney and then 5 months of chemo. (more…)

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How The Hull Family Is Celebrating Camp Trillium
How The Hull Family Is Celebrating Camp Trillium

I’ve been thinking hard on how best to CampOut for Cancer. I’ve considered camping out in a yurt, going backpacking up north, having a giant bonfire or just camping in the backyard. But something wasn’t working for me, wasn’t connecting and feeling right. I then started to reflect on why I’ve been having so much trouble coming up with a place to celebrate Camp Trillium for the day. I couldn’t find a place that would help me feel like I am at Camp Trillium. Camp Trillium isn’t just a place for me and my family. Camp Trillium isn’t just a place for kids and families with cancer to go, get away and enjoy the outdoors. Yes, Camp Trillium is a beautiful place, but that isn’t what calls to me. Camp Trillium calls to my heart. It speaks my language of love—one full of joy, laughter and fun. It is home. (more…)

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The Hope Family’s Story
The Hope Family’s Story

On August 31, 2004, our family was changed forever. Our youngest daughter, Kristen Hope, then 19 months old, was diagnosed with Leukemia —cancer of the blood. That day we embarked on a journey that has taken us places we never would have imagined, and sometimes pray to forget. Childhood cancer is one of life’s cruellest tragedies, innocence is stripped away, families are thrown into turmoil, siblings are devastated, finances are uncertain, and life will never be the same again. (more…)

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