Camp helped bond the Gilman Family together

Published on August 3, 2017

In September 2007, our lives were ripped apart in less than 24 hrs. After what I thought was a routine doctors appointment and blood work, we received a call. “A bed is ready at McMaster – you need to get your child to the hospital ASAP”.

The first three months of the diagnosis was spent living at the hospital with brief periods at home. My two boys did not know how to cope. They were jealous that their sister was getting stuff and more attention than they did. Then a tragic accident happened when my daughter broke her arm and leg. She was in so much pain and dealing with things. During those traumatic times people told us we should try Camp Trillium. I just said we were not ready yet. Boy was I wrong.

Camp Trillium realizes that cancer doesn’t just affect the child, it touches ever family member. That helped bond our family together. My daughter learned that she is not going to get hurt and learned to be adventurous. The boys are just grateful they get to go to camp. The kids blend in. Everyone at Camp Trillium knows all about nose tubes or bald heads and are okay with it. It’s an environment of comfort and nurturing. Most of all, you feel special! My daughter felt alive again after her first camp experience. Thank you Camp Trillium! And thank you for the memories created and many more to come.