Meet #irongabe and the Crimeli Family

Published on August 17, 2017

Why CampOut for Cancer?

We are camping out for cancer to help bring awareness to how much value camp plays in the lives of children and families affected with cancer. We didn’t realize what impact Camp Trillium had on families until we recently became part of it all.

Do you know where you’ll CampOut for Cancer yet?

Possibly the upper Grimsby mountain.

Who are you rallying to CampOut with you?

EVERYONE…but we started with the kids and then the grandmothers who are the most unlikely people to camp out anywhere… but people WILL pay to see these ladies camping!

Why is raising funds for Camp Trillium important to your family? 

Our lives were forever changed on our first day of spring family camp. We were only 3 months into our journey with our son #irongabe. We quickly realized that Camp trillium was more than a camp – it’s a social cure for cancer. A place to gain mental health amongst a group of peers, both adult and child, where everyone is the same with the same types of experiences that we wouldn’t wish on anyone else. We found comfort in realizing these amazing people were now part of our lives. The sense of belonging and hope we walked away with was something we will never forget. We are grateful for being a part of the Camp Trillium family and plan to raise $5,000 to send another family of 5 to Camp Trillium.

What else would you like to share?

Our son has been called #irongabe. He has set goals to educate people on the journey of a child diagnosed with ALL… he set a goal of 100 units of blood to be collected and he did that in 4 months. He has a new goal of 200 units of blood by the end of the year.

He shares how blood gave him the strength of Spiderman along with his Port (which is actually his Ironman miniature reactor) and how the doctors are able to recharge him with chemotherapy to rid this evil villain named “Lukie” (Leukaemia).

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