How to Raise $1,000 in 10 days

Published on August 17, 2017

Self-Donate: Show your commitment to providing a cost effective mental health solution through a $100 donation. Wow your family and friends and set the precedent for future donations. TOTAL: $100

Kin Connections: Ask your family to support a worthy cause for kids living with cancer that you believe in. Ask 5 family members to give $100 each. Assume 4 of them do it. TOTAL: $400. Now you’re at $500!

Close Friends: Ask your closest friends to support you. Ask 10 friends to sponsor you. Assume 1 of them gives $75, 2 give $50 each, and 2 more give $25 each. TOTAL: $225. Now you’re at $725

Email Co-Workers: Ask 5 co-workers to help send a child living with cancer to a special place to just be a normal kid and heal. Assume 4 of them give $25 each. TOTAL: $100. Now you’re at $825.

Think Global: Ask 5 out-of-town friends to support you from across the pond. Assume 3 of them give $25 each. TOTAL: $75. Now you’re at $900.

Fundraise with Social: You raise 42% more when posting on Facebook. Put it out there. Assume 4 people give $25 each. TOTAL: $100. You’ve raised $1,000!!

Not only have you just raised $1,000 in 10 days, but chances are more money will come in too. Good work!