Camper Stories
“Mom, I love camp!” – Meet the Dattolico Family

It was a cold day in November and my son Anthony was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). It was a Monday, a Monday that I will never forget! His pediatrician on the spot told me he had all the symptoms of Leukemia. She immediately called Sick Kids to inform them that she was sending my son right away. The drive to Sick Kids seemed hours long, but it was only 20 mins. The whole drive down, I kept looking back at Anthony who was looking almost life less. I kept reaching over to him, in my mind pleading to the higher up….PLEASE DON’T TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME! (more…)

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Camper Story – Chau Family

Our story starts with our eldest son. He was diagnosed with liver damage and severe anemia. Because of complications from the liver transplant, we stayed with him for almost a year in the hospital. He enjoyed about a year at home with frequent hospital visits before having to be scheduled for a bone marrow transplant. He then passed away due to complications. He was almost eleven.


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Camp Trillium Gave The MacNamara Family An Opportunity To Forget

Close your eyes for a minute and take a moment to imagine hearing the words “she has cancer”. Imagine being told that she has Stage Four High Risk Neuroblastoma. Imagine the doctors telling you they found an 8 cm mass just above her kidney, 3 cm mass under her sternum, spots in the right femur, left knee, along the bottom of her lungs and up and down her spine. They had done a bone marrow aspiration and found 55% cancer on her right side and 35-40% on her left side. Now imagine “She” was your three and a half year old daughter. (more…)

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Camper Story – Bethany

My name is Bethany, I’m 13 years old, a grade 8 student and I am a Leukemia survivor and a Camp Trillium camper.

This is not the path I envisioned for myself a year ago. But here I am writing to you as a cancer patient and a first year Camp Trillium camper. (more…)

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