The Cause

Camp Trillium

Supporting kids with cancer and their families since 1984


Camp Trillium is committed to providing meaningful, fun and enriching camping experiences to families impacted by childhood cancer. We are a home away from home, a place where families can come to relax, to share, to have fun and to forget about cancer even if just for a little while.

We are a registered Canadian charity, and all of our programs are free to families. We are generously funded through donations from individuals, service clubs, businesses, and foundations.


Receiving a diagnosis of childhood cancer can change a families’ life forever. Priorities change, family dynamics shift and often times fun is the last thing on anyone’s mind.  Even the ordinary parts of a child’s life, like summer camp, can seem like a distant possibility after receiving the diagnosis.

Cancer is unbelievably difficult for each family member. Treatments can last from months to years, keeping one of the parents in the hospital for extended periods of time. Brothers and sisters get separated, while the child with cancer faces a lot of pain and anxiety while going through treatment.

Although there have been many advances in childhood cancer there is still no cure and each year over 950 families in Canada will receive this life changing diagnosis. For some, treatments may take several months, while for others it can be years. For this reason, we continue to provide exceptional camping experiences to support families across Ontario free of charge every year.

Since cancer strikes many children at a very young age, for many of our families, Camp Trillium is the first trip they have ever taken together. Some of our campers are newly diagnosed and on active treatment and some have been in remission for years.

In short, we put fun back into the lives of families impacted by childhood cancer. At Camp Trillium, fun is not just what we do, it’s how we do it.


We recognize that childhood cancer can impact all members of a family. For this reason, Camp Trillium welcomes all family members including kids with and affected by childhood cancer as well as their brothers, sisters and their caregivers.

Families don’t come because they have cancer, they come to forget about cancer, even if just for a little while.


We provide year-round camping experiences at two locations Rainbow Lake (Waterford, ON) and at OuR Island (Picton, ON). In addition to this, we also run day-camps in Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, London, Kingston, Mississauga, Kitchener & Barrie. We also meet families and children where they are by providing camping activities through our in-clinic program at McMaster.


We have over 30+ years of experience supporting families across all stages of their cancer journey. Our 200 acres of land is the ideal setting for skiing, canoeing, fishing, hiking, rope climbing, exploring and much more.

Since inception, we have provided more than 53,000 camping experiences to families across all stages of the cancer journey.  Each year we deliver 3,500+ camping experiences through 10 innovative programs, making us the largest provider of cancer camping experiences in Canada.

Additionally, we are fiscally responsible and resourceful. We make the most of donor dollars and use our resources wisely, making the site available for rental opportunities during the year when our signature programs aren’t running.

Last but not least, most of our staff members and volunteers used to be past campers who are committed to the organization.

Camper Stories

Meet three Camp Trillium campers and learn about each family’s inspiring story. Click on the image for each story to appear.

Ecclestone Family
Booker Family
Pollard Family