About the Event

Camp Is Where the Heart Is

Follow your heart in dreaming up unforgettable moments with a new camping adventure

CampOut for Cancer is Camp Trillium’s new fundraising initiative which brings the POWER OF CAMP to life anywhere you go!

How CampOut for Cancer Works:

Register & Set Your Goal

  • As of May 2018, Participants (Campers) can register online by visiting campoutforcancer.com.
  • Upon registration, Campers will be asked to set a fundraising goal.
  • We encourage all of our participants to think BIG and raise a minimum of $150 which sends 1 camper to an overnight camp session at Camp Trillium!
  • To sign up now, click here.

Plan Your CampOut

  • What makes CampOut for Cancer special is that each CampOut is unique and everyone can participate. We believe Camp is where the heart is, so for this initiative Campers get to decide:
    • HOW many campers they pledge to send to Camp (their fundraising goal);
    • WHERE their CampOut will be hosted;
    • WHO will be invited; and
    • WHAT games, snacks, songs and other fun things will happen at the CampOut!

Choose Your Crew

  • Once registered, Campers will choose their crew by asking others to join their team. Team members will help Campers share their story, raise money and plan their CampOut.
  • Campers & Teams will work together to raise money and awareness for Camp Trillium by sharing their story and asking others for support. This can be done through emails, letters, social media and word of mouth.

Host Your CampOut & Celebrate Your Success

  • On October 13th, 2018 (our official CampOut date), Campers all across Ontario will gather to host their one-of-a-kind CampOut adventure, celebrate their success and showcase their support for Camp Trillium.