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If you are a member of the media and have an inquiry, email media@campoutforcancer.com.

General Registration

Is there a registration fee?

Yes, there is a $25 registration fee, which goes towards our costs in hosting this event for the first time.

Can I get a refund, transfer or deferral if I cannot attend?

Registration fees and donations are non-refundable, but you can transfer your registration to someone you know. If you can no longer participate, we’d be grateful if you let us know, thanks!

How many participants will there be?

This is our first year, so it’s hard to predict, but we expect at least 300 people will CampOut. This first event will have impact for years to come, so we appreciate you lending your support to establish a CampOut for Cancer tradition!

What are the different participation types?

There are 3 ways you can register to participate for CampOut for Cancer!

  1. Become a team captain and start a team. We encourage a minimum of 3 people on a team. See our Team Captain tips.
  2. Join a team that already exists. From fundraising to event day, share your CampOut experience with a team, working together to meet your goals and to celebrate success!
  3. Register as an individual. Set your goal, fundraise and make a difference! And if you decide to create or join a team later, you can still do that.

Team Registration

How many people do you need for a team?

We encourage a minimum of three to make a team, but you can register as one—the Team Captain, and then ask others to join your team. The more people who join your team, the more fun, and the more good you can do.

How do I register my team as a Team Captain?

Be the Team Captain and register a team online now by clicking here. And have some fun with it—give your team a unique name or theme. Using the email templates in the online participant centre, it’s easy to invite your family, friends and colleagues to join your team.

What if I’m already registered and want to join a team?

You can join a team by clicking on Join a Team in the main menu of the Participant Centre. Search for a Team and click Join beside the team you would like to join.

What if I joined the wrong team by mistake? How can I switch teams?

E-mail us at info@campoutforcancer.com and tell us your name and the name of the team you would like to join.

If you’re already registered, more info about joining and switching teams is available in the Participant Centre online help.


Can my personal and/or team online fundraising page be viewed by the public?

Yes. Team and individual fundraising pages are generally public. If you want you don’t want to display your personal page in lists or searches, you can select that option when you register, or change it afterwards by editing your profile.  

Can people donate anonymously?

Yes. Donors have the option of keeping their name and/or their donation amount ‘anonymous’.  

Note: A donor’s identity will still be passed on to the participant and to Camp Trillium for processing reasons.

What if I forgot my online password or username?

Go to the Participant Login Page. Follow the prompts to have a new password and username sent to your email.

What is your privacy policy?

Please see our privacy policy.

Do I have to use and change my personal page?

No, you can keep the default page as it is, but we encourage you to add your photo picture and personalize the message so that the people you ask to support you know how important raising money for Camp Trillium is to you.

How do I upload a photo to my personal page?

Login to the participant centre, and from the toolbar click on Personal Page. Then under the CampOut for Cancer logo click on the Edit Images/ Videos link to upload images or video.

Event Day

What is the CampOut Kit?

Each registered CampOut Camper will receive a CampOut for Cancer toque along with some goodies from our partners. We will also be emailing each Camper special activity ideas and videos to help them plan a fun and memorable CampOut Night experience.

Do I have to CampOut on Saturday October 14th?

Some of our participants are not available to CampOut on October 14th, and that’s ok! If you are not available to host your CampOut on October 14th, you can still register as an individual or team and CampOut any time between now and October 31st.

How “big” or creative does my CampOut Night need to be?

CampOut for Cancer was designed to be inclusive for for everyone of all ages. Your CampOut can be as big or as simple as you choose to make it, with as many people as you choose to invite. Learn more about ways to CampOut here.

What should I cook on October 14th?

Check out our very special CampOut for Cancer Official Recipe Book (link the book)  with amazing camp recipes provided by some of Canada’s most recognized chefs, including Chef Lynn Crawford and ChefD and many more.


Where will the funds go?

All funds will go to Camp Trillium to send kids with cancer along with their brothers and sisters to camp so together they can have fun, make friends and forget about cancer for a while.

Is there a minimum fundraising amount I have to raise?

Yes. For each Camper 18 years old or younger that registers, the minimum fundraising goal is $100. And for everyone older than 19 years of age, the minimum fundraising goal to $250. Remember, the purpose of the event is to raise funds to send more kids living with cancer to camp, and that requires participants to fundraise.

These minimums are just a guide. For many it’s easy to raise more than $250. That’s as simple as finding 10 people to sponsor you for $25, or 5 for $50. And we’ll help too by providing all the helpful tips, tools, and templates you’ll need to crush your target.

Remember, this is supposed to be a challenge! So consider setting your personal goal at $500, $1500, $2500 or $5000 or more. The more you raise, the more kids who will get to experience Camp Trillium programs.

How do I raise money?

The online fundraising system makes it easy to email and use social media to ask people to sponsor you. It’s simple, effective and secure. You import the contacts you want and we provide templates to ask them to sponsor you, join your team, etc. On average participants who fundraise online raise significantly more than individuals exclusively raising funds offline.

But it’s really up to you, and there is no one right way. See our Fundraising Section for a few more ideas.

What are the benefits of online fundraising?

Registering online, building your fundraising page, and then sharing will make your fundraising easier and effective. Here’s why:

  • On average, participants who fundraise online raise more!
  • You can ask people around the globe to support you
  • You can customize your personal fundraising page, share your story, and add a photo/video
  • Access the online Participant Centre and fundraise using your smartphone or tablet
  • Electronic receipts will automatically be issued
  • You can track who has supported you, as well as your goal and your online pledges
  • Social media: login or link your personal fundraising page to your Facebook, or connect via Twitter
  • Online fundraising is a great way to connect and keep everyone posted on your progress
  • It’s simple, effective and secure

Is the online fundraising tool secure?

Yes. The system uses the most current encryption tools to provide a safe and secure environment for participants and donors. All transactions and data are captured and stored in a secure environment. Industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption certificates are used. The online fundraising site displays the thawte SSL Web Server Certificate seal that confirms the transaction is secure and encrypting all data.

Electronic tax receipts are secured with either a random 40-bit or 128-bit encryption code ensuring their authenticity while at the same time, meeting all government standards. While PDF tax receipts are sent via the online system and can be printed, they are tamper-proof.

All online transactions are conducted using the HTTPS protocol – the same standards used by most major financial institutions on their online banking applications.

What is required to set up my personal fundraising page?

It’s already set up, but we encourage you to make it your own. Customizing your personal web page is quick and easy and requires no technical skills. All you need to do edit the text, and upload your photo. You can add more photos or videos too. It’s important to let people know why CampOut For Cancer is important to you. These few minutes can make a big difference and will help kick-start your fundraising success.

What are offline donations?

Offline donations include cash and cheques collected through in-person fundraising.

NOTE: Cheques should be made payable to Trillium Childhood Cancer Support Centre.

How do I enter and track my offline donations online?

Login to your online Participant Centre and then click the “Enter Offline Pledges” button and input the requested information. These offline cash and cheque donations will then be included in the ‘offline’ donation portion of your fundraising thermometer. You will also have the option to include donors’ names on your Honour Roll.


When and how do I submit my pledge form and offline monies?

You can track your offline cash and cheque donations through your fundraising page, under the Offline Donations section. After you have entered these donations, you can send the funds to Camp Trillium in one of two ways:

  • via mail to our head office, accompanied with pledge forms listing each donor, along with their address, email and phone number. Pledges collected offline will be added to your online fundraising total and will count towards eligible prizing.
  • Through your credit card or PayPal account. This option will appear after you have entered the details for each donation on your fundraising page.

What is a ‘Corporate Match Program’?

‘Corporate Match Programs’ are offered by many Canadian companies. Companies offering this program will match employees’ charitable donation dollar for dollar, and some companies will also match dollars employees have fundraised or for their volunteer contribution.

How do I know if the company I work for offers a ‘Corporate Match Program’?

Many Canadian companies offer a ‘Corporate Match Program’, encouraging employees to make philanthropic gifts to charities. Ask someone in human resources or if applicable your corporate donations department.

When does online fundraising close?

You have up to November 4th, 2017, three weeks after the CampOut for Cancer to collect pledges online and to submit offline pledges to the Camp Trillium office.

Donation and Tax Receipts

Who is eligible for a tax receipt?

Camp Trillium is a registered charity and will issue tax receipts for all donations. No tax receipts are issued for registration fees, as the Canada Revenue Agency does not allow us to issue tax receipts where something of value is received in exchange.

To whom should my donor make the cheque payable to?

Cheques can be made payable to: Trillium Childhood Cancer Support Centre.

Can I make a donation even though I will not be participating in Campout For Cancer?

Yes. Just click the “DONATE” button at the top right of this web page. You can donate to an individual, team or make a general donation to the event.

Can I donate to a TEAM?

Yes, donors can donate to an entire team using the online system.

When will tax receipts be issued?

All donors will receive an electronic tax receipt by e-mail within minutes of completing a successful transaction. A thank-you note is also automatically generated for all donations. Receipts for offline donations will be sent by February 15, 2017.

I lost my tax receipt, how do I get another copy?

Contact us at web@campoutforcancer.com or at 905-527-1992.