Fundraising 101

Here are ten tried and true fundraising tips to help get you started in reaching your goal.

Then, check out this plan on how to raise $1000 in 10 days.

Share your story

Sharing a personal story about yourself, a loved one, or someone you know and why you are committed to Camp Trillium will make it easier for donors to connect with our CampOut For Cancer fundraising event. So bravely tell your story or dedicate your fundraising to someone special on your online fundraising page. Doing so will also help you get use to sharing it each time you make an ask.

Shoot for the moon

Challenge yourself by setting a high fundraising goal. An ambitious goal will show your donors that you’re not afraid to ask for help, and encourages people to contribute as much as they can.

Be committed

A self-donation is a chance to set the tone and show your personal commitment to the cause. Donors are likely to make a donation of a size similar to yours, so make a personal pledge. And you can use the self-donation as a fundraising strategy by asking friends and family to “match” your gift amount.

First impressions count

Consider that if the first pledge is a whopper, your friends, family and colleagues will likely be inspired to follow this lead and give deeply. So make the first asks of people you think will give larger donations.

Get social

Make sure everyone in your social circles knows you’ve committed to this Challenge. You can receive unexpected donations by linking your personal online fundraising page to your email signature or to your Facebook page.

Tell your friends

Ask as many people as you can. Simply, when people are asked, they give. By fundraising online, you can easily upload email addresses and send your personal page link out. Start by asking close friends and family who won’t say no (and may give more), and build from there to work colleagues and other social contacts from around the world.

Become a CampOut Leader!

Be a CampOut Leader by creating a team and recruiting family, friends, colleagues, and neighbours to CampOut with you. Teams are a great way to have more fun and rally larger communities to give generously. Learn more about team fundraising.

Be specific

Think of the people who you know will help you, and how they can help you, and build momentum. Try breaking your fundraising goal up into small “bites” and ask each donor to contribute that amount. If you can find 11 people who can donate $25 each, you’ve just reached $275. But if you have a friend who is capable of giving $100, don’t be vague or just ask for $25.

Connect from the heart

Fundraising takes a little practice, and we can’t forget that ‘No’s’ are part of the program—just don’t let them take the wind out of your sails. When reaching out, be genuine in your request for donations. We all know it can feel uncomfortable asking people for money. By acknowledging this vulnerability before asking for financial support, (and being open to receiving a ‘no’), allows potential donors to connect and empathize with you.

Gratitude gives goosebumps!

Following up with your appreciation to each person who helps you meet your goal goes a long way. A quick, personalized thank you note upon receiving a new contribution is easy and feels good to boot! A more detailed follow up e-mail after CampOut (don’t forget to take pictures!) helps show your supporters the fruits of their generosity and the incredible way their support has helped touch your life.

Cultivate and spread the joy

Bringing joy to kids who are Camping out For Cancer is an incredible gift, so remember to communicate that when prospecting for donations.

Donations make great presents!

Is your birthday coming up? Maybe Christmas is just around the corner? Instead of an object, ask your friends and family for a donation.

Exchange services for donations

Get donations in exchange for services – babysitting, shoveling snow, lawn work, car wash, or home cooking!

Leverage your Parent Teacher Association

Benefits like CampOut for Cancer can really strike a chord with school groups, and social communities. Talk to you local PTA to see if you can make an announcement at the next meeting, or offer to organize a bake sale or rummage sale on behalf of CampOut for Cancer.

Corporate collaborators

Corporate matching is a great way to see your fundraising efforts double! Many organizations support charitable initiatives and matching donations is one way to show support. Here are some ways your organization could match donations:

  • For every dollar raised by the company staff initiatives, the company will match the donation
  • A company may choose to match donations up to a certain amount
  • A company can support an individual by matching all or some of the donations received