Host a CampOut

Here are some great ideas for getting started on hosting your own CampOut experience, along with some helpful tools to get you started.

Personal CampOut

Hosting your own CampOut is a fun way to showcase your love for camp while helping to change the lives of kids and families living with (or impacted by) cancer all across Ontario.

CampOut for Cancer is a flexible, DIY (do-it-yourself) event which means the event can be designed to work in any type of setting, with any number of people. In the past our campers have hosted:

To get started follow these three easy steps:

  1. Register – Sign up online and create your own fundraising page.
  2. Fundraise – Invite your friends, family and community members to support your efforts and help you send kids to camp.
  3. Host – On October 19th, 2019 have fun and enjoy your CampOut!

If you are looking for some more ideas to help get you started, click here for our handy checklist.

Get started now!

Download the Personal CampOut Checklist

Corporate CampOut

Join us as a CampOut for Cancer Champion by creating your own corporate challenge in support or Camp Trillium.

There are lots of ways you can get your co-workers involved in CampOut for Cancer. You could:

Hosting a CampOut at Work can help:

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Download the Corporate CampOut Checklist

School & Community CampOut

Hosting a CampOut with your classmates (or community group) can be a fun way to enjoy camp-like activities and make a big impact.

To get started you will likely need permission from your teacher or principal. We can help you get ready for this conversation if you’d like. Once you have their approval, you can ask for their support in making it happen.

Here are some fun ways to have your school involved:

To get started, register now!

Download the School & Community CampOut Checklist